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These are the reasons why:

  • 1. Imagine :
    1. Imagine :
    • A correct management of expectations of companies, candidates & consultants.
    • A way to show candidates the spirit and vibe of your company, where you can communicate your message, so that candidates can prescreen if they are fitting.
    • Recruiting technically skilled professionals with the right culture and spirit for your company, and this at much more interesting rates.
    • Recruiting at the moment your staffing need is appearing, not three months later.
  • 2. Our solution:
    2. Our solution:
    We focus 100% on candidates, based on three strategies:
    • Candidate service: 100% focus on management of candidates, as our consultants don't hunt after job.
    • Specialisation: no 6 million job ads but limited 'type of jobs'.
    • Digitalisation: Pre-screening through company videos, efficiency through video interviews and proactive video pitch presentations of candidates saving everybody’s time & money.
  • 3. Advantages fo you, the client
    3. Advantages fo you, the client
    • Access to specialised candidate market knowledge (max candidate pool).
    • Higher your talent brand index
    • Efficiency, speed, discretion in your recruiting process
    • Proactive instead of reactive approach.
    • Positive association with a recruiter caring about the respectful treatment of all candidates.
    • Total hiring cost will be lowered.
  • 4. Candidates introduced by video pitches
    4. Candidates introduced by video pitches
    Candidates are
    • Thoroughly validated: motivation, personality, languages, technical knowledge, mobility, availability, and salary.
    • References checked.
    • Coaching during the recruitment process.
    • Correct & respectfully treated: direct, honest & in time feedback.
  • 5. The cash mystery (cost)
    5. The cash mystery (cost)

    Efficient specialised recruitment at competitive pricing: starting at 18% of annual salary range on no cure no pay method (or equivalent temp coefficient).

  • 6. Pimp your social talent branding through Company Videos
    6. Pimp your social talent branding through Company Videos
    • You attract motivated & informed candidates.
    • You put your company in the spotlight of the targeted public on our websites as well as on the social media.
    • Strong internal marketing towards your current employees.
    • Social Media
  • 7. Consultants always make the difference
    7. Consultants always make the difference
    They combine talent with character and personality. Our company values are natural to all of us. Proudness and ambition to create & develop a beautiful company, leader in what it does. They are here for the long term! Experience it through every contact you’ll have.
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